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3 Inspiring People That Want Your Idea to Take Off!

and will be at #Climathon to help you do it.

These three inspiring people will be on the panel listening to your teams idea on Saturday evening and want it to take off! Who are they?

Rebecca Mills

Rebecca Mills is a strategist and innovator, who is internationally recognised as an expert in sustainability strategy. She has played central roles in ventures at the forefront of the impact space and has led thousands of hours of workshops and experiences around the world.  

Rebecca holds a number of governance and advisory positions including membership to the Board of ‘Deep South’ and ‘Sustainable Seas’ National Science Challenges.  The mission of Deep South is to enable New Zealanders to adapt, manage risk, and thrive in a changing climate.

Often sort out for strategic input she has collaborated with organisations such as The Carbon War Room, The World Economic Forum, World Wildlife Fund, Unreasonable Institute, Mighty River Power, The Olympic Delivery Authority, The B Team, Arup, and The X Prize.  

She helped build and shape The B Team (founded by Sir Richard Branson and Jochen Zeitz)  and led development criteria for the UK’s first ‘eco-region’, the Thames Gateway, Europe's largest regeneration project.

She has designed impact evaluations, new ventures and strategies for entreprenuers, investors, institutions, companies and governments in Europe, the United States, China and New Zealand.

Rebecca’s most notable areas of expertise include: Systems Thinking,  Energy and Climate Change, Business Model Innovation, Impact Investing, Impact Philanthropy, Environmental Science, Business Strategy, Sustainable Development and Regeneration.

Geoff Simmons

Geoff Simmons is General Manager of the Morgan Foundation – an independent foundation that gets people talking about the important issues facing New Zealand. 

Geoff graduated from Auckland University with an Honours degree in economics, focusing on public policy. He has over ten years experience working as a senior analyst for NZ Treasury and as a manager in the UK civil service.

Geoff has co-authored four books alongside Gareth Morgan, spanning topics such as health, nutrition, Antarctica and fishing. He has also led the Foundation’s work on Predator Free Rakiura, MyRiver and the now infamous Cats to Go campaign.

Geoff is an engaging and entertaining public speaker, thanks in part to his moonlighting as an actor, improviser and facilitator. He also speaks Spanish.

James Bushell

James Bushell is an entrepreneur with a resolute drive to improve ethical practices and sustainability globally and at home.

James is the founder of MOTIF, a specialist investment and business advisory service that supports companies in their move towards creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

James works with a number of diverse ethical businesses including chairing the Wellington Chocolate Factory and One Percent Collective boards here in Wellington as well as recently spending three months navigating by the stars transporting cocoa beans back to Wellington from Bougainville in a traditional Fijian vaka to promote sustainable sea transport.

Want to be part of a massive 24 hour challenge to create ways for Wellington to adapt to our changing climate?

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