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5th Climathon Wellington launch!

Join a global movement of people solving the most complex local challenges.

· Wellington Climathon

Wellington City Council and Victoria University of Wellington are hosting Climathon Wellington for the fifth time this October 25th and 26th!

This year’s Climathon Wellington will be held at Z Energy's corporate office on Queens Wharf.

The three key challenges this year are:

  • Values into Action - How can we support people to make changes in their lives that really contribute to solving this global problem?
  • Indigenous Perspectives - How can mātauranga Māori help create more sustainable businesses and alternatives?
  • City Transport - What opportunities are there for new sustainable businesses in the Let's Get Wellington Moving initiative?

Values into Action
We all know that climate change is a real and pressing issue, and that we need to change the way we consume in order to change the path we are on. But change is also hard, and figuring out which thing to change first to make the biggest impact is daunting. From helping people to understand which changes to make, providing them with easy to adopt sustainable alternatives, or “nudging” them to make that change - there are a lot of ways your startup idea can support a move to a zero carbon future for Wellington.

Indigenous Perspectives
Mātauranga Māori, or the Māori way of looking at the world, is inherently linked with sustainability through a deep connection with the earth. No-one knows NZ, and Wellington, better than those who have been here the longest and developed a spiritual connection through generations, and the uniquely Māori view of the world brings with it an alternative lens through which solutions to our current crisis can be identified.

City Transport
WCC’s vision for Wellington is a great harbour city, accessible to all, with attractive places, shared streets, and efficient local and regional journeys. To realise their vision we need to move more people with fewer vehicles. We are at the outset of a transportation revolution – from micro-mobility and active transport opportunities through to mass transit - technological change, new modes of transport and changing expectations for how we want to move around provide vast scope for businesses to contribute innovative ideas to the transport puzzle.

New Partner - Z Energy as Venue Sponsor

Why a Petroleum Company?? Z Energy are looking to the future and they know that transitioning away from fossil fuels is key. Who better to lead that charge than a company that sells petroleum products!

Z Energy CEO Mike Bennetts is the convenor of the Climate Leaders Coalition, a group of initially 60 NZ CEOs when it formed 2018 who were jointly responsible for nearly 50% of NZ’s emissions. This has since doubled to 121 business leaders who are actively making changes. They recognise the important role that their business play in driving the transition to a low emissions economy.

How will you benefit from Climathon?

  • Help solve Wellingtons biggest challenges, and make your city more resilient to climate change.
  • Network with local leaders from academia, business and public sector.
  • Develop your skills in public speaking, innovative thinking, prioritisation, and explore new startup tools and methodologies.
  • Join forces with other like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Become a part of a global community working together to create a sustainable future!

Prizes are on offer that support new ideas to take the next step, such as;

  • Cash to support the development of your project
  • Mentoring to support the development of your skills as you grow your idea
  • Connections to key people within local and regional councils, as well as relevant ministries.
  • Connections and support from technical experts
  • Co-working
  • An opportunity to take your project into this summer’s Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp, a 12 week accelerator programme.

This challenge is perfect for people from all sectors who enjoy creating solutions to complex challenges that have potential for huge positive impacts here in Wellington and offshore. Come as an individual, with friend or bring a team form work.

Our goal is to support you to make this city of ours even better. You will be fed, there will be massage therapists on site and even a yoga session to keep your brain in peak flow (and yes you get to go home at night).

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