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Be cared for.

Free massages, yoga, mindfulness, nutritious eats and more...

Looking after our environment is just as much about looking after ourselves. 

HealthFit Collective are on hand during Saturday offering their skills to make sure everyone is keeping the balance in an action packed environment. Offering free massages, yoga, mindfulness and prizes of gym passes, group fitness trainings, personal consultations and more to those attending Climathon. 

HealthFit have a history and passion for guiding dreams to reality and when they heard about 100+ people converging to bring about a clean economy and a world in balance they were first in line to make sure all those caring for this mission are being cared for themselves

HealthFit Collective have a classic kiwi innovative and entrepreneurial style. Committed to collaborative ways of working they leverage each others skills for collective success! Sounds like the perfect fit we say. 

What about delicious and nutritious treats? We have a light breakfast lined up on Saturday from the good people at Worker Bee and legendary lunches from RAW Petone... There is also a cafe on site where you can get your own coffee and snacks throughout the morning (own cost). 

So, get fuelled up on some of Wellington's finest food to power those great minds in to changing the future for the better. Bring clothes to move in and say hi to the team of health experts coming along on Saturday from 11am -  1pm.  

Also, when you have a moment, please thank Victoria University of WellingtonWellington City Council and all the partners involved in bringing you a free event like this. Wellington really is a wonderful little place.  


11:00 - 13:00: Michael Fairless and Helena Oscilowska are offering 15 minute massages for the lucky ones that sign up first thing on Saturday morning. 
11:30: Restorative Yoga Session with Oli Wiles

12:00: Introduction to Mindfulness with Sam O'Sullivan

Trainer and HealthFit Collective Director Carl Hammington will be about chatting to people throughout the 2 hours about all things health and resilience. 


The HealthFit Collective are a cohesive team of physiotherapists, personal trainers, dietitians, massage therapists, yoga teachers, run coaches, movement specialists and pscyhologists who want people to become the best version of themselves!

Michael Fairless

Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist

Michael has be involved in the Health and Fitness industry since 2012. Before deciding to pursue a career within the industry, Michael had been involved in a number of different sporting codes. This triggered his passion to gain knowledge on the human body and to understand how to make it perform at it’s best. To date, his training career has involved working with a various range of clients, from professional athletes to those looking to add more vitality, mobility and energy to their everyday lives.

Boxing fitness is one of Michael's specialties. From beginner skills to more advanced combinations and technique based skill sets. Supplementary to his training knowledge, Michael includes a strong recovery focus to his sessions having studied Massage therapy. Making smart training and body recovery a large part of his philosophy. Understanding that recovery is where productivity occurs, is knowledge he likes to impart on his clients.

Michael’s training style is centred around creating life balance. He will always work to tailor your training to fit with your lifestyle needs.

Helena Oscilowska

Executive Personal Training, Women's Health & Massage 

My mission is to share my knowledge, guide and educate people on holistic health and fitness, transforming their lives' to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

I specialise in executive training and women’s health and I’ve worked with individuals who have the pressures of a high stress environment and are wanting to improve their fitness and overall health, creating balance in their lives'.

I take a holistic approach when working with clients based on bio-individuality – each person is unique with highly individualised nutritional and exercise requirements, “What Works Best For You”.  I look at all aspects of the individual and assist them to make better choices producing positive outcomes for all.  My passion is to assist people to achieve results - this continues to inspire me.  

Oli Wiles

Yoga Teacher
Oli is also a qualified Hatha yoga instructor and has been teaching for more than 15 years. He has studyed under the late Pattabhi Jois, the guru of Astanga yoga in Mysore, India, and completed a Yoga Alliance teacher certification under Iyengar-trained Nicky Knoff.

Sam O'Sullivan

Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Instructor

As a Clinical Psychologist, I follow our Code of Ethics, maintain confidentiality, and only employ practices that are supported by a robust evidence base. Coaching or therapy may be particularly beneficial if you want to work on managing stress or anxiety, improving interpersonal skills and relationships, optimising your mood, achieving flow, or organising your life.

The sessions are collaborative and explorative: together we will come up with ways to improve your performance and wellbeing, customised to your unique profile. 

Carl Hammington

Personal Trainer and Small Group Coach

Carl Hammington has been in the health and fitness industry for 10 years, personal training in Wellington for 10 of them. He has been actively involved in corporate health, health retreats, present health and fitness seminars around Wellington and founder of holistic health initiative BestMe - He has completed a diploma in Exercise Science and a Bachelor Degree in Sport and Exercise Majoring in Exercise Prescription through Massey University - achieving having his name placed on the Deans list. I have continually up-skilled with CHEK studies, and is, among others Dorn method, PTA Global, MINDD practitioner training and “dry needling” certified.

As well as specialising in exercise and conditioning, he has a strong focus on wellbeing, employing a holistic approach to his exercise programming. Understanding that it takes mind, body and spiritual wellbeing to achieve the best version of yourself, he knows that to look better and feel better for life we must address all of these aspects of health.  This was the purpose of forming the 'Best Me' team. Carl believes that small group training has great benefits - not only is it fun and increases motivation levels within the session but also helps establish a supportive community which is essential for sustained success.

"I've always been into health and fitness.  Growing up in an active environment, I've enjoyed a variety of sports including rugby, cricket, karate, bodybuilding (2 national titles), running, rock climbing and Brazilian Jujitsu. I'm also a very proud father and like to hang out with my daughter, Brooke whenever possible. My passion is family and friends and I love to be around them whenever possible especially when sharing the outdoors or a good meal."

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