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Challenge #1: Engaging Key Communities

How do we engage key communities to have conversations about potential future challenges?

· Wellington Climathon

We are looking for communicators, experience designers and facilitators who are passionate about creating ways to engage communities in two-way conversations with council that raise awareness of the potential future challenges they may face.

Technology and good processes are a cornerstone of this theme. With a challenge as significant as climate adaptation – where we’re likely to see homes, places we work and services significantly disrupted – it is important to go beyond the community meeting or email distribution list. We need tools, technology, and models of engagement that allow us to converse with our communities in productive ways.

We need this so we can reach more members of our community more meaningfully. We need this so we can meet them where they are, both physically and psychologically, on their climate adaptation journey.

These ways of engagement need to be sensitive to the seriousness of the topic, as these conversations will be hard and have potentially huge impacts on people’s lives.  This is particularly true given we are talking about significant changes in the world's most liveable city. There is a lot at stake!

The outcomes we are looking for in this space are:

  • Positive ways to engage communities in two-way conversations that raise awareness of the potential future challenges they might face.

  • Ways to engage communities that will be clear, allow communities be heard and allow communities to determine their own future with the support of Wellington City Council.

  • Tools that can help make clear, and reiterate, that we need to work together, starting now, to solve the challenges we face together.

Opportunities available for ideas that can deliver these outcomes are;

  • Support to apply for up to $5,000 of Deep South Challenge Funding

  • Potential to work with council to deliver these outcomes.

  • Potential to connect with other cities around the world that have similar challenges.

We see successful projects in this area as multifaceted, integrated in their approach with a long term focus and huge potential for positive impact and global scale.

We look forward to listening to your ideas at Climathon Wellington and ultimately your support in creating solutions to some of the greatest challenges as a city.  See you at Climathon Wellington!

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