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Climathon 2021 Prize Winners!

Climathon, 2021 - Aotearoa, New Zealand

Climathon 2021 is a wrap! What an incredible 24 hours of climate-innovation from a passionate and engaged crowd. 

Congratulations to all the participants who took up the challenge and came together to find solutions to our gnarliest climate challenges.

Keep reading to hear more about the winning ideas and the prizes they won.

WCC Councillor Laurie Foon with the winning team - GEM (Greener Events Metric)

Wellington City Councillor Laurie Foon with the Grand Prize Winning Team - GEM (Greener Events Metric)
Haley Murphy, Sam Titchener, Warkina Tujuba and Darcy Snell

GEM (Greener Events Metric) is a new way to measure ad improve event sustainability. GEM's metric lets the public know which events are truly sustainable and their platform makes it easy for event manager to submit waste management plans to council. Win, Win, Win. Look out for GEM at upcoming events around Wellington and NZ.

Category: Waste

Prize: $1,500 cash, 2 months office space, entry into StartupNZ programme

Sponsored by: Wellington City Council, Creative HQ, NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

WASTE PRIZE WINNER - Repurposed For Good
Repurposed For Good diverts hotel linen from landfill by creating quality repurposed products that are distribute to charities for use by low income households.

Category: Waste

Prize: $500 cash, Victoria University Entrepreneurship Kit, entry into StartupNZ programme

Sponsored by: Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington

Waste Wise is a smart disposal technology platform that educates and empowers people to make the right decision when disposing of material. The application uses up-to-date regional waste-stream information and will be used by citizens who are unsure about how to dispose of certain materials correctly

Category: Waste-Teh

Prize: $500 cash, $500 MEVO credit, entry into StartupNZ programme

Sponsored by: MEVO, Wellington City Council

Ingrain's vision is to transform the food system by changing from annual to perennial crops which bring back more carbon and nutrients to soil, reduce nitrogen fertiliser emissions, use less water, and grow crops that are fit for the future climate. They will begin by importing and selling a perennial product variety from an international market whilst advocating for and investigating local varieties to begin planting and harvesting.

Category: Food Systems

Prize: $1,000 cash, entry into StartupNZ programme

Sponsored by: Wellington City Council

Closet Collective see the world as their wardrobe. They plan to create a clothing subscription service where people pay a weekly fee to rent quality clothing and return it to the collective wardrobe when they would like something new and different.

Category: Young Innovator

Prize: $500 cash, Outward Bound Scholarship, entry into StartupNZ programme

Sponsored by: Outward Bound NZ

Climathon would not have been possible without our incredible main sponsors Wellington City Council, Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington and Ministry for the Environment.

Below is a collection of the other sponsor and support organisations who made Climathon the great day that it was.

Thank you to all those who participated and a big shout-out to the volunteers who gave up their weekend for the climate. We look forward to more of these events in the future and cannot wait to see where these climate champs take these game-changing ideas.
Till next year.


Climathon Organising Team

Bobby Lloyd and Emily Dwyer

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