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Climathon FAQs

Need more info? Here are some answers to the most common questions

What is Climathon?

Climathon is a free, in-person, 24 hour ‘hackathon’ style event - Think start-up weekend for climate change.

When and where is Climathon?
Friday 19th March 5pm - Saturday 20th March 6pm
Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus - Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington

The objective?

Bring together changemakers to solve Wellington’s gnarliest climate challenges - specifically in the areas of Waste, Transport and Food Systems.

Why should I care?

NZ has announced a climate emergency and it’s no secret that we are amidst ecological disaster. At Climathon you can work with others to become part of the solution to our gnarliest challenges!
You live here too… and you have the power to change the future for the better. So does everyone else attending Climathon, so join them in making Te Whanganui-a-tara a more climate resilient city.

How does it work?

Participants are supported by experts and mentors through a specially designed process to work on ideas that help achieve the goal of lowering emissions in Wellington.

Ok, so what happens over the 24 hours?

Climathon has four key stages:

  1. Introduction - Build your team and your plan

  2. Ideation - Brainstorm about the problem you are solving

  3. Designing - Create your solution to the problem

  4. Planning - Collate your research and pitch to the judges

Below is some further detail as to how the event is run (participants will receive a detailed agenda to guide them through the event.)

  1. The event begins with a giant brainstorm - participants have one hour to think of ideas that solve Wellington’s gnarliest climate challenges.

  2. Those with ideas are asked to share with the crowd in a one-minute, bite sized pitch. (no worries if you don’t want to pitch or don’t have an idea ready ;) )

  3. IT’S GO TIME! Participants form teams around ideas that resonate with them and spend time creating a team name before registering with Climathon staff

  4. The rest of Friday night is spent brainstorming and planning your idea before we send you home to sleep - if you like…

  5. We welcome you with breakfast at the venue, where you check in with your team and get straight into research and testing

  6. Once you’ve got as much feedback and information as possible, it’s time to put your findings into action and prepare the pitch!!

  7. You proudly pitch your game-changing idea to the panel of judges

  8. Winning teams are awarded prizes to help turn their idea into a reality

  9. Off to celebrate - wooooooo!!

Climathon has a community of highly skilled and experienced mentors who will be there to make sure you are supported throughout the entire process.

What if I don’t have any ideas?

No stress, it's cool! If you don’t have an idea on the day, join someone who does and help them build the future. Because what makes the dream work? Teamwork!!

Who will be there on the day?

There will be three key people there on the day:

  1. Participants - Working on their ideas

  2. Mentors - Helping participants with their ideas

  3. Organising staff - Ensuring everyone is fed and watered

Who can attend? Do I need any special skills?

Climathon is free and open for all. We encourage and actively seek a diverse range of attendees. Diversity in lived experience and interests creates great teams who generate the best ideas! Please challenge yourself to keep this in mind when choosing your team / idea on the day.

You said there were prizes?
Yes, absolutely! There is an overall Grand Prize and also prizes for the winning ideas in each theme category (Waste, Transport and Food Systems).
Prizes include:

  • Cash Money
  • Office Space
  • Business Mentoring
  • Sustainability Mentoring
  • Car-share credit
  • And more to be announced…

This year we have a special youth category for under 18 year olds.
The youth prize includes an Outward Bound Scholarship!!

(All prizes have been supplied by our amazing sponsors)

Cool, I’m keen! Where do I sign-up?

Free tickets are available here! Share this link with those you think will be keen to join.

What shall I bring on the day?

Check out the Participant Checklist blog for info so you are prepared for the day.

What about food and drinks?

Climathon will supply the following:

  • Friday - Beverages and snacks (alcohol-free)

  • Saturday - Light breakfast and lunch - coffee, juice and water available all day

We have tried to cater to all major dietary requirements on the day. However, if you do have special requirements, please arrange your own food beforehand so you don’t go hungry. We are close to shops where you can buy food on the day if you wish.

Hope that answers some of your questions and you’re all set to challenge yourself and see what you can achieve within one day!

Climathon Aotearoa was made possible thanks to Wellington City Council and Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington - such legends.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Bobby Lloyd on 020 4188 6333 or at

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