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Does Your Org Have The Information To Unlock This Years Challenges?

If your organisation has some of the key expertise and information to help Climathon teams solve the challenges, join us and become a knowledge partner!

· Wellington Climathon

Does your organisation have knowledge relevant to this year's Climathon Wellington Challenges of reducing carbon emissions and creating a more climate resilient Wellington?

The three key challenges this year are;

  1. What new ways can we engage key communities to have conversations about potential future challenges?

  2. When will infrastructure break and what are the obvious solutions?

  3. How can we improve waste and transport in Wellington?

We are looking for organisation with deep knowledge in the key areas of;

  • Business & entrepreneurship

  • Civil Engineering, architecture and planning

  • Developers, designers and facilitators

  • Sustainability and environmental expertise

Depending on your area of expertise, we will work with you to utilise your knowledge to best support Climathon Wellington participant succeed.

As a knowledge partner of Climathon you will get the opportunity to;

  • Have the chance to showcase your work and business during the event

  • Get your logo on the website, in the newsletter and at the event being acknowledged as a “Climathon Wellington Knowledge Partner”

  • Opportunity to write a blog on “the best opportunity you see for green growth in New Zealand” to be published through the Climathon channels.

  • Potential to offer an allocation of our limited tickets to relevant customers to join the Climathon.

  • Potentially gain some associated media coverage.

To enquire about becoming a knowledge partner, please email event organiser Bart de Vries (

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