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Special addition to the panel!

Yes. The work you are doing is important.

It gives us great joy to announce a special addition to the panel!

We welcome Vicky Robertson, Chief Executive, Ministry for the Environment. Vicky will be joining us on the Saturday afternoon to hear your ideas and help find ways to increase their wattage on your way to success. 

Vicky Robertson

Chief Executive, Ministry for the Environment.

 Vicky Robertson is the Secretary for the Environment, appointed in April 2015. An internationally experienced executive with a background in law and economics, Vicky is a champion for inclusive growth, finding new ways of working, transparency and accountability in the state sector. Before her appointment at MfE, Ms Robertson was a key member of the Treasury’s senior leadership team, where she held Deputy Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer and Acting Secretary and Chief Executive positions.  She has worked closely with senior Ministers and has been involved in significant interdepartmental strategic policy programmes. 

Vicky’s roles at the Treasury and now at the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) have placed her at the heart of some of the biggest policy issues of our time, including social inclusion, climate change and the environmental sustainability of key export industries. These are complex issues that involve diverse, competing interests, and can only be solved by collaboration and a willingness to innovate. This requires the public sector to be much more outward facing and open to new ideas.

Vicky has led from the front. For example, as a member of the steering group for Te Hono Bootcamp - a network of primary sector leaders using design to realise the full potential of our exports. Vicky’s involvement has given the business leaders a richer understanding of the wider context their industries are operating in, including risks and opportunities associated with shifts in the global economy. Through Te Hono Vicky has also brought new approaches to policy development for more effective public services. This includes “design thinking”, a methodology being used to better understand the realities of people living in hardship as part of the Treasury’s social inclusion work. The Ministry for the Environment’s involvement in Te Hono will allow effective collaboration and policy development as the primary sector strives for sustainable growth.

Vicky is passionate about diversity as a critical factor in high performing organisations and speaks regularly at business and industry forums. She has worked extensively with iwi throughout her career and in recent years has attended Treaty of Waitangi events as a senior representative. Vicky won the Women of Influence Public Policy category for her continued focus on results and ability to work effectively across a wide range of stakeholder groups.  

Her leadership experience extends to strategic organisational initiatives, such as the Treasury’s programme to develop stronger relationships with Maori. Her professional accomplishments include a year’s secondment to the United Nations Development Programme, where she led a strategic and structural review of the organisation.

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