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The Climathon 2020 Themes!

· Wellington Climathon

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Albert Einstein

We hope you are as excited about Climathon 2020 as we are! This year Climathon is focused on how we live, move and consume. How will we live with low impact whilst building a resilient city for the safety of our people and planet?...and have fun whilst doing it. Having fun is always a key feature of the challenge!

Below is a little look into each of the themes/challenges so you can familiarise yourself ahead of the event. We will be providing a more detailed look into each theme with subject matter experts closer to the event.

Before we get to the challenges, we want you to get in the zone! After reading this paragraph, close your eyes and picture your vision for Wellington City. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does your Wellington look like in 2040?
  • How are you moving around?
  • Where are you parking your bike?
  • What food products are you buying? How?
  • What can you smell? Taste? Feel?
  • What feelings to you get when walking down Cuba Street? Along the waterfront?

Repeat this exercise after reading each theme. If inspiration strikes, write the idea down and bring it along to Climathon on Aprril 3rd and 4th!

We can hardly wait to hear your visions for Wellington!

1. Green Transport

Challenge: How do we move more people, with less emissions?

Transport has consistently been one of the hottest topics at Climathon. We all engage with it somehow, and most of us have something to say about it. However you look at it, the reality is we need to move more people, with less impact.

This theme is focussed on the future state of transport and how we might engage with it and think about it differently. Imagine car-sharing and car-pooling options, cycle lanes, community owned vehicles, walk-to-work days. How will we move in the future? How can we make public transport an attractive option? How can we prioritise zero impact options?

2. Sustainable Spaces

Challenge: How might we utilise city space innovatively?

Innovative and resourceful use of city space is crucial to the progression toward a low-impact future. When thinking about space in the city, we must think about what the future will hold and how that space will best serve our people and planet, forever.

Using foresight, imagine a city that uses space for better environmental and social outcomes. Is there existing space we aren’t using effectively or innovatively? What will we create next and what should we consider when doing so? This theme dives into urban design, green spaces, community assets and building design.

What buildings are around? How and where are you composting your food? Where did you park your mode of transport this morning?

3. Go Local

Challenge: How can we build a strong, sustainable, local economy?

Strong, local economies build resilient, sustainable cities. Bringing primary production and services closer to home will result in lower transport emissions and greater community value and connections.

This theme is an ode to yesteryear when everyone knew their deli-owner, baker, and milk delivery person. When we chatted to neighbours over the fence and glad wrap didn’t exist. Sometimes the answers are behind us, nestled in the past, left behind by our constant want for mass efficiency and fast-paced lifestyles.

We want you to look around Wellington, think about how we can support local businesses and buy local products. Are there local alternatives to the products we are consuming? If so, how do we find them? And how do we support those trying to make local products? What imported goods are we relying on? Can we make these in Wellington? How can we globalise information, but localise production?

Keep the curiosity going and allow yourself to imagine a safer, more resilient Wellington City. Build on this vision and investigate what’s going on around you.

Bring your vision for Wellington along to Climathon 2020, and who knows, maybe you’ll be part of the next Mevo, or Reusabowl ;)

Grab a ticket to Climathon and put your ideas to the test at NZ’s premiere climate-focussed challenge. Click on this link to lock in your spot!

Climathon is a 24-hour challenge happening on the 3rd and 4th of April 2020, right here in Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington.

Climathon brings together people from different industries to create and test ideas to solve Wellingtons greatest challenges in a highly supportive environment.

If you are someone who enjoys complex challenges, has the ideas or wants to contribute your skills, come to Climathon Wellington.

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