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The Wellington Data

A  number of agencies around town have opened their information and data for you to use during Climathon. 

· Wellington Climathon

What data/information do you need to help solve your questions? Can you find the relevant data or is there a gap in the information available? 


Those are the key questions by the organisations providing open access to all sorts of information at this years Climathon Wellington. 

One thing to remember is if you are struggling to find the information you need to solve your challenge use the #datafrustration with a description of what you are looking for on social media to let the data folk in Wellington know what areas would be helpful. 

There is a plethora of data sources for interesting information about Wellington, from typography, traffic, and population to CO2 levels and weather stats. 

Huge thank you to: 

  • Cam Finlay (DIA)
  • Paul Stone (Stats NZ)
  • Sean Audain (WCC)
  • Tim Rastall (NEC Smart Cities)
  • Emma Corbett (Ministry for the Environment)

On the Saturday of Climathon we will have Wellington City Councils virtual reality rig set up of the city. In this rig you will get to travel through the city virtually zooming in and out of places, change the water levels, see which areas shake a lot and even the population density in three dimensional space. 


We only have 24 hours and don't expect a full data analysis in that time. Cam suggests that the best way to use data at Climathon is to check and see if the information you want is available. If it is and it is simple to process you might be able to get some quick insights. If it will take longer to process you can leave it for a later date, but at least you know it is there, and if it is not, you will have found a gap which is a big deal in the data world. That's the perfect time to use the #datafrustration on your social media channels. 

The Information and Data!

Below: MfE Live Stream Panel discussing the new report on the 19th of October 2017.

Data Dashboards around the world (We don't have a Wellington one)

New Zealand's One (might be good to upgrade)
Idea for Wellington public dashboard to encourage behavioural change in an engaging way to each do our part towards a collective goal for our city, country and planet. Examples of what to measure and display might be public transport usage, vehicle counts on motorways, water usage, electricity consumption, garbage volume, recycling volume etc…

Imagine every day coming into the city being prompted by the key metrics for the behaviours we want to promote in our city.

Overview of Wellington City Council Open data can be found here.

Wellington strategies, plans and reports.

Still don't have the information you need?

​Have a look through the comprehensive list of data sites from

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