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What are Wellingtons Climate Challenges?

Where is the opportunity?

Photo Credit: Ross Cooper

Climate change is one of the biggest trends in today's world. Businesses, livelihoods and our well being depend on our ability to adapt to this change and reduce the risks that come with it.

Especially here in Wellington, a small coastal capital where climate change will have significant impacts on the way we work and play. Understanding the challenges we face and being early to see the opportunities they present right now will give us significant advantage in both looking after our environment and people but also on the world stage in the market place. 

So, what are the challenges and, where is the value? Well, Wellington City Council and Victoria University with the Deep South Challenge have outlined a few of them for this years Wellington Climathon*.

Wellingtons main challenges

  1. Sea Level Rise in a low lying city - How do we adapt to the impact on buildings, infrastructure, transport and homes?

  2. Increased extreme weather events and coastal erosion - What to do with all that water?

Within this what are the specific streams Wellington is looking for innovation in?

  • Behaviour change projects and ideas. 
  • Communicating adaptation, engagement and leadership (check out the Deep South Challenge $$ up for grabs in this area being announced shortly). 
  • New ways of decision making / Decision making at a community level.
  • Technical solutions to Wellington’s challenges (use of data sits within this and this is a honey pot for engineers the city over).

We will have climate professors and scientist from Victoria University, The Deep South Challenge, NIWA and Royal New Zealand Society onsite during the event to help us get to grips with some of this a bit more. We also expect a lot of you will have your own wealth of knowledge in different areas to push to the edges of thinking. You gotta love collaboration.

Deloitte and Chapman Tripp will be here onsite to help bring out the business models and sustainable funding avenues in your projects as well, with HealthFit Collective offering free massages and a yoga class on Saturday, gym passes and free 30 minutes consults to everyone that comes along to the event!

It's building up to be quite the 24 hours and we are looking forward to seeing people get further in 24 hours than ever thought possible. Join us on Facebook for the conversation and FB LIVE announcements leading into the event plus make sure you register if you plan on coming along as we are over 65% full!

See you all there!

*note that all ideas looking to impact the climate positively, new or current, are invited to join the Climathon. 

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