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Why we have coaches and what their role is. 

The skills to help you get the most out of Climathon.

This year we have a number of incredible professional design thinkers and start up coaches coming to work with us to get the most out of the weekend! It is great to have helping hands with an edge perspective to often shed light on areas you never knew existed and draw out the beauty of that idea you have a little more. 

On the Friday night when you have formed teams around an idea you will pair up with a coach and together figure out what are the 2 things you can test in the short time we have. You will be given an adapted "Very Very Lean Canvas" and two "Learning Sheets" to help structure your idea and the 2 things you will test in the realistically 8 hours you'll have to test them. Yep, it is a short print and you will be surprised at how far one can get. 

Below are a few of the team that will be joining us, donating their time to help make your ideas become a success! 

Mark Buntzen

Mark is an experienced strategist and facilitator and owner of The Distillery with a background in business strategy consulting, industrial design, and science. He focuses on research-led strategy and design-thinking work to help clients innovate.

As part of this work, Mark develops and facilitates high energy, engaging, research-led, participatory design workshops that use structured creativity and problem solving techniques to help people develop new solutions to their business problems. The workshops are highly structured to ensure they make the best use of participants valuable time. 

The Distillery typically partners with others to help clients implement the solutions they develop.

Mark is a Design Coach with New Zealand Trade & Enterprise's Better By Design Programme, a certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator and NLP Practitioner, and is active in the design thinking and service design community in New Zealand.

Rachel Knight

By day, Rachel is a Service & Experience Designer at Wellington design agency DNA. By night, she's the Design Lead for 'Shift'blogger, and active supporter of community events. Rachel’s a big fan of good people doing good things, and she’s on a mission to help others improve wellbeing, education and sustainability in New Zealand. When the sun’s out, you'll find her pottering in the garden or lazing in the sand at Houghton Bay.

Geoff Todd

Geoff is the managing director of Viclink. Geoff serves on a number of technology and medical companies, is a core participant in a start-up medical device company and previously had a leading role in the establishment of three technology companies. Geoff was General Manager, Business Development at Industrial Research Ltd (now known as Callaghan Innovation) for over 10 years.

Emilie Fetscher

Emilie Fetscher obtained her MSc from the Graduate Program in Design at Stanford University in 2008. As a result of her time at Stanford she created a renewable energy start-up as well as support a social enterprise in Africa. Over her last four years in New Zealand she now focuses on design research and concepts for products, services, and strategy across public and private sector organisations. You will also find her teaching and coaching design to business professionals at all levels.

William Meadow

Will Meadows is a Business Designer at Empathy. As a designer he’s worked for organisations like Google, IKEA, the USDA, and The Olympics committee helping them innovate and find areas of opportunity. As an environmentalist he’s worked for American Rivers, The US Forest Service, and Winrock International. Combing his passion for design and environmental issues bring him to the Climathon.  

We are lucky to have a number of the Deloitte team joining us to pair up with your ideas and find the path forward. 

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