• Climathon Aotearoa

    March 19, 2021

    Pipitea Campus - Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington


    Brought to you by:

    Wellington City Council

    Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington


  • Create & Test Solutions In 24 Hours

    If you have an idea to reduce carbon emissions, build resilience to climate change in Wellington, or want to use your skills on projects that can, you need to be at Climathon Wellington.

    Climathon is a global 24 hour challenge

    where you will be supported by expert design thinking and startup coaches, business leaders and academics

    to create and test solutions to reduce carbon emissions, build resilience to climate change in Wellington!

  • Wellington's Great Challenges of 2020.

    Create solutions around...



    How do we move more people with less emissions?



    How might we eliminate waste and keep resources in flow?


    Food Systems

    How can we build resilient food systems - from farm, to fork, and beyond?

  • Limited Free Passes Now Live!

    With the past two years reaching full capacity, get in quick.

  • How will you benefit from Climathon?

    1. Help solve Wellingtons biggest challenges, and make your city more resilient to climate change.
    2. Network with local leaders from academia, business and public sector.
    3. Develop your skills in public speaking, innovative thinking, prioritisation, and explore new startup tools and methodologies.
    4. Join forces with other like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators.
    5. Become a part of a global community working together to create a sustainable future!


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    Connect with likeminded people online, share ideas, ask questions to break through challenges.

  • Business started at Climathon Wellington

    Here are just a few of the businesses that have come out of Climathon Wellington and continued.

    Tiny Plastic Factory

    Small scale recycling

    The Tiny Plastic Factory aims to reduce harm to the environment from plastic pollution, and lead the New Zealand plastics industry towards a more circular economy. We all know that current plastic recycling systems aren’t working. Tiny Plastic Factory work with businesses to audit their plastic recycling systems, then collect and transport waste plastic back to their local facility by cargo bike. Once at their facility, plastic is processed into uniform-size pellets, and sold to NZ manufacturers in the quantity and timeframe that suits them, for a competitive price.


    Follow them on Facebook - and support the Tiny Plastic Factory through their Pledge Me Campaign.


    With your support Tiny Plastic Factory will be able to purchase and operate the machinery they need to recycle plastic in larger quantities - servicing up to ten small-medium Wellington City businesses. Rewards include ‘plastic credits’, recycling bread tags to make wheelchairs, a quiz night, and an exclusive factory tour.


    Takeaway without waste

    Imagine you're ordering from your favourite takeaway shop. Instead of getting your meal in a throw-away container, now you can choose to borrow a reusable one. Eat and enjoy. Next time you’re out and about, simply return the container to any partner retailer or Reusabowl drop location.


    They offer an easy option for food retailers and customers to reduce single-use waste.


    Follow them on Facebook - and support Reusabowl through their Pledge Me Campaign.


    Your pledge will help them to finish prototyping and produce their first set of takeaway containers, and test the model at scale during their pilot. In exchange, they've got tasty rewards from local businesses, upcycled jewellery, supplies to help you go plastic-free, surf lessons, and more.

    GrowSpace Wellington

    Helping more people to grow food in Wellington.

    GrowSpace Wellington are a grass-roots enterprise with a love of nature, our beautiful city, and connecting diverse people. The team brings together skills in food growing, permaculture, landscape architecture, environmental and health science, system change and community-building.


    Their recent successful Pledgeme campaign will fund the development of their food garden at Sustainability Trust. The money raised will also help run workshops designed to meet Wellingtonian's needs. There is a motivated group of community housing gardeners they’ve started working with and funds will also help GrowSpace support them with advice and delivery of materials to their site.


    Follow them on Facebook to find out more!


    The difference you can make today

    Collaborate is a mobile app that connects people to volunteer opportunities that match their skills and interests. Collaborate makes volunteering fast, fun and addictive.


    Collaborate was created for the community by the community.

    They were founded on three core values that shape and drive every aspect of Collaborate.

    1. Community is at the heart of everything

    2. Everyone has a skill that can make a difference

    3. Doing good should be easy and fun


    Follow them on Facebook - and check out their website to download their app.


    Minimising waste the Economate way.

    Using waste for something better than landfill just takes a bit of creativity. Economate takes waste from building sites and provides raw materials to students through their network of schools which turn that into design, furniture and useful projects.


    Builders reduce landfill. Schools buy less material. Students apply sustainable practice. Councils meet environmental targets. Everyone wins when they become economates!


    Check out their website and follow them on Facebook


    Economate now partners with Climathon Wellington to help support new business, and in 2018 were responsible for a prototyping pit!

    Refill NZ

    Free water on the go

    Kiwis use 168 plastic bottles each year, just 1/3 are recycled = 526 million water bottles are thrown away. Contributing to the plastic pollution in our oceans!


    Participating businesses have a RefillNZ sticker in their window – to show that they are a Refill station and you’re welcome to come on in and fill up your bottle – for free!


    Refill NZ are a big part of reducing waste at Climathon Wellington in 2018 and for the future through the sales of reasonably priced water bottles on site, and plenty of fresh water for you to refill your bottle with.


    Follow them on Facebook, check out their website, and keep an eye out for their sticker at a cafe near you!!

  • Co-Hosts

    Since 2015, Wellington City Council and Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University

    of Wellington have joined forces to bring you Climathon.

    Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington

    Wellington City Council

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  • How Climathon Works


    Learn about the challenges

    On Thursday the 11th of March Climathon will host a webinar for the public to learn more about the challenges from subject matter experts.


    Propose solutions & form teams

    Friday night, March 19, is focused on exploring the city's challenges, developing possible solutions, and pitching your ideas to form teams.


    Run experiments to test your ideas

    On Saturday, explore these solutions further using lean methodologies, develop and test hypothesis, and discuss your solution with business professionals and challenge experts


    Present progress and win support

    On Saturday evening, teams present their solutions to a judging panel, who will determine which ideas are most appropriate for each of the available support packages.

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